There are multiple requirements to produce fast perfect cleaving quality cross-section of crystalline materials. SELA delivered perfect cleave technology to semiconductor customers as from 2000 utilized in Perfect Cleave Mechanism (PCM) as complementary tool for automatic microcleaving systems. Hundreds of PCM units are successfully using by most of semiconductor manufacturers. As from 2014 perfect cleave capability may be your choice for sample preparation by fast perfect cleaving. Contact one of SELA’s representative for details and demo.

Emerging memory technology V-NAND is one of the most challenging in terms of metrology and failure analysis. Different materials and high structures of V-NAND required special techniques to ensure fastest turnaround time for sample preparation. Adaptive Ion Milling utilized in Xact200 system provides sufficient solution for delayering and cross-section of V-NAND structures in delivering wide flat areas for analysis with high accuracy end-point detection and unsurpassed quality of surface.