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Sela’s proprietary Perfect Cleaving technology is unique in its ability to create precision cross-sections without water, chemical or mechanical contact, and to enable analysis of mirror images of a targeted feature.

Perfect Cleaving technology provides solutions for cross-section sample preparation of crystalline materials such as Si, SiC, GaN, GaAr, InPh etc.

Semiconductor manufacturers use this technology as from 2000 for the initial sample pre-preparation for the MC500, MC600 and MC600i systems and direct preparation of relatively big structures for analysis in scanning electron microscope (SEM) and scaning capacitance microscopes (SCM)

Perfect Cleaving technology delivers fast high quality cleaved wafer segment for further steps in sample preparation for analysis: polishing, FIBing, ion milling, nano probing, etc.

How Perfect Cleaving works

Performance of Perfect Cleaving:

  • Quality of cleaved surface is crystalline plane mirror
  • Natural cleave through crystalline structure without contamination
  • Accuracy is depends from user and varies to down to 50 microns when using magnified observation of the area of target.
  • Allows to cleave full wafer size
  • Allows to cleave very small wafer samples and dies with dimensions of down to 2x2mm.
  • Target is never lost – always present two sides of the cleaved target on the sample segments.
  • Allows cleaving wafer samples with extremely high aspect ratio between width and length of cleaved segments.

SELA’s customers improving performance of the Perfect Cleaving technology by using it under optical microscopes or video cameras that improves magnification to observe small wafer features and accuracy of manually controlled cleaving.

See how Perfect Cleaving utilized in PCM