Solutions EnabLing nano Analysis

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Sela’s proprietary Micro Cleaving technology is unique in its ability to create precision cross-sections without water, chemical or mechanical contact, and to enable analysis of mirror images of a targeted feature.

Micro Cleaving technology provides solutions for cross-section sample preparation of crystalline materials such as Si, GaN, GaAr, InPh etc.

Semiconductor manufacturers use Micro Cleaving technology as from 1994 for sample preparation for failure analysis by scanning electron microscope (SEM) observation of cleaved wafer samples with predefined failure features.

Micro Cleaving technology delivers fast high quality and high accuracy cleaved wafer segment for further investigation under SEM and SCM.

How Micro Cleaving works

Performance of Micro Cleaving:

  • Quality of cleaved surface is crystalline plane mirror.
  • Natural cleave through crystalline structure without contamination
  • High accuracy of down to 100 nanometers in just 10 minutes.
  • Target is never lost – always present two sides of the cleaved target on the sample segments.

Micro Cleaving technology passed long way of improvements and implementations to different requirements for sample preparation in semiconductor industry. It is implemented firstly in SELA MC100 manual cleaving system. Continues for semi-automatic MC200 cleaving system and then automatic sample preparation systems MC500, MC600 systems and latest winning MC600i system.

Experts of sample preparation can use Micro Cleaving to cleave wafer samples manually with high surface quality in the area of target and high accuracy.

See how Micro Cleaving utilized in MC600i microcleaving system