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Sela’s proprietary Dry Sawing technology is unique in its ability to provide extraction of the wafer pieces from whole wafer or die using fast precise sawing without water.

Cooling of the point of sawing and cleaning of sawed debris of wafer materials are by using controlled flow of liquid nitrogen.

Dry sawing technology advanced to avoid corrosion of materials by water and changing of physical properties of materials sensitive to water.

Dry sawing comprises unique sawing blades with special setup of sawing parameters and techniques of sawing penetration in the wafer materials and Si substrate.

How Dry Sawing works

Performance of the Dry Sawing:

  • Sawing without water – no corrosion of materials
  • Liquid nitrogen cooling to reduce temperature in the point of sawing and clean
  • Accuracy of sawing is +/- 2um
  • Negligible chipping of the sawing edge – below 3um
  • Dedicated diamond blades for dry sawing with different size of diamonds

Dry sawing technology utilized in the EM3i system that delivers automatic pre-preparation of the lamella with area of interest (target) for TEM and SEM cross-section and plan view TEM preparation.

See how Dry Sawing utilized in EM3i system