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Sela’s proprietary Adaptive Ion Milling (AIM) technology is unique in its ability to provide high quality extremely thin and wide lamella for high-resolution TEM imaging for cross-section and plan view requirements.

AIM technology is ready to support sample preparation of 7-10nm emerging technology nodes.

Adaptive Ion Milling technology delivers solutions to semiconductor and material science industries for sample preparation for TEM, STEM, SEM, SSRM, SCM, Back and Front Side Delayering and other types of nano analysis.

How Adaptive Ion Milling works

Performance of Adaptive Ion Milling:

  • Thickness of TEM lamella down to 5-12 nanometers
  • Highest milling quality - amorphous layer on Si is below 1 nanometer for standard milling process
  • Extremely wide thinned area
  • Ability to prepare cross-section and plan view TEM samples
  • Negligible curtaining and bending for wide thinned area
  • Flat milling area for advanced delayering requirements

AIM column comprises unique duoplasmotrom ion source and dedicated electrostatic optics that generates and controls Xe broad ion beam for purposes of sample preparation.

Duoplasmotron has wide range of working energies for fast removal of material with energy of 8kV and for very fine polishing of ready sample with energy of 0.8kV.

Electrostatic optics provides full control of ion beam size, configuration, working angle, focusing and defocusing.

AIM column is generic product and can be utilized as a stand-alone unit in specialized products for high quality milling for wide range of requirements.

Adaptive Ion Milling passed long way of improvements and implementations to different requirements for sample preparation in semiconductor industry. It implemented in two models of systems Xact100 and Xact200.

See how Adaptive Ion Milling utilized in Xact200 system