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5 Hamada St
Southern High Tech Park
Yokneam Elite
2069204 Israel
+972 4 827 3988
Sela USA Inc.
473 Sapena Ct, Suite 6
Santa Clara
95054 CA
+1 408 606 8189
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SELA is a privately held entity established in 1991 with locations in Central High Tech Park Yoknem Elte , Israel and Santa Clara California, USA. The company has accumulated a successful track record in sample preparation in semiconductor industry, and has a worldwide installed base with more than 400 systems at intense semiconductor manufacturing territories in The United States, Europe, The Middle East, and Asia. Our commitment to our customer base also extends to providing fast turn-around service and support worldwide.

SELA's core team is a group of highly talented individuals with deep knowledge and wide experience in sample preparation, material sciences, electron and ion optics, high vacuum, high precision, and automation. Our environment is a well-balanced mixture of innovation, problem solving, and a thorough understanding of sample preparation and analysis requirements in the semiconductor and material science.

At SELA we have the infrastructure to support innovation and commitments to our customers.


SELA develops and adapts technologies to provide roadmap solutions for physical failure analysis and characterization.

SELA offers a modular suite of tools for cost-effective material and root-cause failure analysis as from 1991.

SELA’s products incorporate unique technologies and IPs that solve bottlenecks in the failure analysis and sample preparation for wide variety of requirements.


First tool - sold in 1993 to Intel

Installed base and customers – hundreds systems installed worldwide at semiconductor device manufacturers, semiconductor equipment and material manufacturers

Awards – three products have been recognized as “Best Product of the Year” by Semiconductor International Magazine – editor’s choice