Solutions EnabLing nano Analysis
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5 Hamada St
Southern High Tech Park
Yokneam Elite
2069204 Israel
+972 4 827 3988
Sela USA Inc.
473 Sapena Ct, Suite 6
Santa Clara
95054 CA
+1 408 606 8189
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SELA designs, develops, manufactures and markets technologically advanced, cost-effective systems and related software products that are used to enhance processes and yields.

SELA invites you to work in a cutting edge technology environment and be part of a market leader - join us and nurture your career.

As a member of the SELA team, you can put your talent, creativity and drive to work in making a difference.

Candidate may send their resume to:

Fax: + 972-4 827 3999

Tel: + 972-4 827 3988